GRIT:  A 6-week live training course for OTs to develop professional resilience.

A program designed to take you from where you are to where you'd rather be, using the PEOP model.

Why do I need it?

At university OTs aren’t typically taught how to manage themselves within the profession, which can affect their ability to cope at work.   

GRIT offers a solution by filling this knowledge gap, so therapists can build professional resilience and feel equipped to handle the demands of our unique vocation.  

Who is this course for?

This course has been purpose built for OTs who are:

  • Struggling to manage the demands of their job (especially in regard to operational tasks; achieving KPIs; managing billing systems etc). 
  • Pre-occupied by thoughts of not being ‘good enough’.
  • Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed.
  • Wanting practical techniques to support health and wellbeing. 
  • Curious about how an OT framework could be applied to the concept of resilience.
  • Wanting to proactively protect themselves from burnout.
  • Driven to delivering solid clinical outcomes for their clients.


  • You’ll build professional resilience over 8 key areas to increase your competence and confidence at work. 
  • You’ll be able to practically apply the PEOP model to build resilience and wellness across all life areas. 
  • You’ll know how to optimize your physiology to better manage stress. 
  • You’ll be safeguarded from compassion fatigue and professional burnout.
  • You’ll develop a Growth Mindset and increased capacity to tackle everyday challenges.
  • You’ll learn how to overcome overthinking, perfectionism and rumination.
  • You’ll have access to practical strategies to emotionally regulate, as well as set and maintain boundaries.
  • You’ll operate more efficiently at work, so you can achieve positive outcomes for your clients.


  • 6 online modules, featuring over 30 lessons.
  • Weekly group coaching calls.
  • A large suite of downloadable resources (including videos, audios and PDFs).
  • Student exercises to help you practically and easily integrate learnings. 
  • Access to techniques and strategies that can be applied personally and professionally.
  • 15 professional development points. 
  • Certificate of Completion.

Our Quality Guarantee:

  • Training is evidence based so you can rest assured that the content is scientifically supported to enhance your critical thinking.
  • Modules have been designed with the busy OT in mind – they’re bite sized and easily incorporated into even the most hectic of schedules. 
  • Content is comprehensive and goes well beyond what is typically taught at a tertiary level. 
  • The course has been created around an OT professional framework, so it speaks directly to clinicians – which is what sets it apart from the rest!
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