How We Help

The Mindful OT provides courses and coaching to create stress-free clinicians, who achieve excellence at work and at home.


Are you an OT/OTA/OT student who:

  • Experiences self-doubt?
  • Feels stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed?
  • Has lost their motivation towards work?
  • Struggles with poor mental and physical health?
  • Wants to protect themselves from burnout?
  • Believes that OTs ort to have the resources they need to make a positive impact on the world by helping their clients?

         If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, then you’ve come to the right place! The Mindful OT offers a range of online courses that will teach you how to use our discipline-specific frameworks differently, to effectively self-manage and achieve the goals that are important to YOU.  Imagine:

  • Feeling competent, confident and complete. 
  • Enjoying greater job satisfaction and a more peaceful life.
  • Engaging in a sustainable and prosperous career. 
  • Experiencing improved health and wellbeing.
  • Realizing your OT dreams by being equipped to help your clients achieve their goals. 


“I am so glad that I prioritized my personal development – this course exceeded my expectations! It seems to have been the missing link to bringing together all of the knowledge that I have gathered over the years, and I now feel confident that I can maintain my passion for our unique profession for many years to come”.  Carolyn, OT for 25 years

“I was feeling professionally stuck and unsure if I wanted to continue as an OT.  I was constantly saying yes to more referrals at work in the hope that I could prove that I enjoyed my role and was filling my time outside of work with as much as possible to reduce ‘down time’ to think and reflect.  A conversation with a friend sparked me to look into ways I could still be an OT and enjoy what I was doing – and that’s what led me to THRIVE.  Now I believe in myself and my skills as an OT, which helped me make a move professionally and personally that I never would have thought possible! I could not recommend the course enough.  It’s been a valuable experience – thank you Leesa! M, Early Career Clinician

“I achieved my personal goal for the course and now have strategies to help me manage negative self-talk and thinking traps.  I feel lighter and in a much better place”.  N, OT

We’re all about upskilling OTs so they can stay in the game – and love it!

Private Coaching

Wanting 1:1 support that’s purpose built for you? 
Leesa utilizes her unique blend of skills as a Clinical Supervisor, NLP Practitioner and Somatic Coach to help therapists:

  • Effectively manage worry, overwhelm and perfectionism;
  • Tackle thinking traps such as rumination, personalization and catastrophizing;
  • Increase operational efficiencies to delivery effective clincial services, achieve KPIs and qualify for bonuses;
  • Clear negative emotions (such as anxiety, fear and guilt);
  • Shift limiting beliefs;
  • Design an individualized action plan to support achievement of personal and professional goals.

The Mindful OT offers a range of coaching packages designed to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle.  We don’t believe in cookie cutter services – whether you’re wanting a one-off session or high touch intensive support, the Mindful OT will meet you where you’re at.

Book a no-obligation strategy session to find out more. 


“I will forever by thankful for the time, effort and compassion Leesa put into our sessions. I worked with Leesa during a particularly difficult time in my life – I was on the verge of burnout and questioning my professional skills.  Leesa gave me the tools, guidance and confidence to believe in my skills – both clinically and personally.  I thoroughly looked forward to our sessions and am grateful for her knowledge and wisdom”.
Marissa, OT


“Leesa is an experienced and wonderful mentor, who listens and tailors her sessions based on your goals and career ambitions.  Leesa was able to predict my challenges and guide me where needed so I could source solutions.  Working with Leesa was very rewarding”. Hamid, OT and Senior Manager

“Transitioning from a student to a new graduate OT was extremely overwhelming. Leesa provided immense support and helped me manage my stress and feelings of burnout”.
Patrick, New Grad OT