THRIVE - Mindset, Stress Management & Habit Mastery

THRIVE is a comprehensive self-paced online course, which will teach you how to manage yourself within your work, so you can de-stress and achieve excellence at work and at home.


Why do I need it?

Because tertiary education doesn’t sufficiently prepare clinicians for the demands of our unique profession, which may lead to professional burnout.

THRIVE offers a solution to safeguard therapists from this common phenomenon.


What are the benefits?
  • You’ll learn how to master your mindset, eliminate stress and create a life you love.
  • You’ll be equipped to protect yourself from compassion fatigue and professional burnout.
  • You’ll be able to use Task Analysis and SMART(er) goals to create habits that bring about lasting behaviour change.
  • You’ll experience improved health and wellbeing through somatic self-care practices.
  • You’ll be able to manage common thinking traps such as overthinking, perfectionism and rumination.
  • You’ll have access to practical strategies to emotionally regulate, as well as set and maintain boundaries.


Features include:
  • 12 self-paced online modules, featuring 48 lessons, Student Activities & Materials. 
  • Over 35 downloadable resources (including videos, audios, checklists and guidebooks).
  • Reflective Practice exercises to facilitate practical application of course material. 
  • Access to techniques and strategies that can be applied personally and professionally.
  • 12 PD points
  • Certificate of Completion 

$749 AU

Who is the course for:

This course has been purpose built for OTs who are:

  • Preoccupied by thoughts of not being ‘good enough’.
  • Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and emotionally drained.
  • Yearning for a sustainable and fulfilling career.
  • Wanting practical techniques to support health and wellbeing. 
  • Curious about how an OT framework could be applied to the concept of stress.
  • Wanting to proactively protect themselves from burnout.
  • Driven to making a difference by helping their clients achieve solid clinical outcomes.

What your fellow OTs are saying:

“I’m so glad that I did prioritize my personal development – this course exceeded my expectations!  It seems to have been the missing link to bringing together all of the knowledge that I have gathered over the years and now I feel confident that I can maintain my passion for my profession for many years to come”. Carolyn, OT of 25 years

“Before signing up for THRIVE I was stuck in a role I didn’t enjoy and was anxious about my future.  This course taught me how to manage my fears and because of that, I now believe in myself and my skills as an OT and have carved out a more aligned career path for myself!” M, Early Career Clinician

“Thanks to this course, I now have strategies to help me manage negative self-talk and thinking traps, so I feel lighter and in a much better place.” N, OT

“I was feeling tired, stressed and generally ‘over it’ as an OT but then I found this course and the spark re-ignited!  Not only am I feeling better about managing challenge in my own life, but I also feel confident in being able to support my clients – especially when it comes to goal setting, creating new habits and emotional regulation”.  Louise, OT of 6 years. 

Our Quality Guarantee

  • Training is evidence based so you can rest assured that the content is scientifically supported to enhance your critical thinking.
  • Modules have been designed with the busy OT in mind – they’re bite sized and easily incorporated into even the most hectic of schedules. 
  • Content is comprehensive and goes well beyond what is typically taught at a tertiary level. 
  • The course has been created around an OT professional framework, so it speaks directly to clinicians – which is what sets it apart from the rest!
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